Meet Arlene!


My name is Arlene, I do all the things! I’m the owner and production artist (illustrator, typesetter, graphic, and web designer) of Intricate Designs, based in Denver, CO (originally from Miami, FL). I have an extensive background in Fine Art, I have an AA in Architecture (Miami Dade College), and a BFA in Sustainable Interior Design (RMCAD). Needless to say, art and design are well-engrained in my being. I love everything I do and creating is my joy!

If you’re looking for numbers, I’ve been drawing and painting my entire life (seriously I was in the art club since Kindergarten ’00), working in graphic design since 2012, web design since 2017, and I’ve been working with authors in the publishing space (illustration and design) since 2019 when I worked on my first book and knew it was exactly what I should be doing every day and haven’t looked back since!

In working with me you are supporting not only a small business but you’re supporting my family! Intricate Designs is a Hispanic (yes, I’m a fluent Spanish speaker), woman-owned business, and I support LGBTQ, other minority-owned businesses, and non-profits whenever I have the opportunity.

I become truly invested in every project and I want to see you succeed, I am here to answer questions, give advice, and help every step of the way. My biggest focus is educating others and making sure you have the correct information. I will always suggest the best option for you even if that means we don’t get to work together. Making sure you start off on the right foot also means not being a financial burden to you, I make sure that we are on the same page from the get-go and that your budget is kept in mind when deciding what deliverables you need and want.

I work with small businesses of all kinds, primarily female-owned, but I have found that I truly love working with authors, and anything and everything to do with kids – be it development, education, activities, and my favorite: Children’s Books!

I’m a mom of 3 girls (ages 8, 7, and 4) that we homeschool, and they are a driving force for me and my business. My oldest is my biggest critic and she will weigh in on all of my work. When I’m not creating for others, I do love to draw when I have a moment, I also bake and like experimenting with different foods. Food is my comfort and “me time”. We also garden inside and out, have chickens, dogs, and a cat so life is wonderfully busy and messy but it’s perfect for us.

I have been happily working with authors to bring their stories to life through art and design. I aim to focus my portfolio on projects that center on diversity, inclusivity, and anything that sparks curiosity.

I look forward to getting to know you too and as always, I’m happy to help and answer any questions! 🙂

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Graphic Design

My hourly rate of $50/hr is for projects with extended deadlines and multiple rounds of revision and for edits outside of a contracted scope of work.

Flat fees are agreed upon for each new client project.

  • Design Board
  • Main Logo
  • 1 variation
  • Icon
  • Black & White versions of each element.

EPS, JPG, and PNG files 

Logo Design

  • 1 Additional variation

Additional Branding:

  • Short Form Brand Guidelines
  • Business Card Design
  • Email Signature
  • Facebook Cover Image
  • 6 Social Media Templates
  • 1 Additional Marketing Asset*

+250 Business Cards – Front and back printing, shipped to you. High quality prints with hand picked paper stock and finishes.

*excludes packaging design

Logo Design

Additional Branding

Printed Business Cards


  • Full Spec Brand Guidelines
  • 2 Additional Marketing Assets*
  • 5 Branded Images

*excludes packaging design

Business Card – $150

Email Signature – $50

Small For Print Flyer – $100

Large Format Flyer – $200

Social Media Banner – $25

Social Media Template – $25

Instagram Highlight Icons – $15 each

Social Media Post – $50

Company Letterhead – $50

Packaging Design – $200+

Podcast Cover – $75

Client Form – $100

Brochure – $250

Logo Variation – $50

Gift Certificate – $25