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Today we’d like to introduce you to Arlene Soto.

Arlene, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
My name is Arlene and I am the owner and operator/designer of Intricate Designs, doing all the things!

I am a wife and mother to three girls (currently aged 4, 3, and 1), we have two dogs and one cat. I’m a house plant lover/obsessor? and have a growing collection of 20+ plants. I have been studying art my entire life (I joined the Art Club in elementary school and there has never been a day that I wasn’t creating something). Formally I’ve been involved in Design work since 2009 when my studies in Graphic Design began in conjunction with Fine Art studies. I graduated from DASH (Design and Architecture Senior High School) where I continued to study fine art but began my focus studies in Architecture.

During that time I was able to intern and participate in a group exhibition at Locust Projects where I felt a spark of interest for more than just art and design but being a part of the art community which I long for dearly now (and am working on diving back into now that our life has settled a bit and I steer the focus of Intricate Designs in the right direction).

I then went on to pursue my AA in Architecture at Miami Dade College where I met my husband (who I actually met back in high school originally) and also rekindled my love of sculpture work and learned woodworking skills that we use and apply in custom projects today!

I graduated from Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (RMCAD) in 2018 with my BFA in Sustainable Interior Design and loved that I was able to find such an amazing school to pursue that degree and develop my skills. I started Intricate Designs shortly after graduating as I tried the 9-5 life and while I was doing design work I enjoyed, it was not what I envisioned for my life. I wanted to be home with my kids and build something that was mine.

So we filed an LLC and I started freelancing all sorts of design work and two years later here we are! Designing logos and creating websites was something that truly found me and I stuck with it because I find so much joy in creating branding for small businesses that truly deserve to have professional graphic design services giving them that leg up when they need it the most. Illustrations are my creative outlet for when I truly just need to draw, but everything I do is art and my clients can tell you how obsessed I get with what I create for them.

I never imagined that I would have worked on so many projects with so many amazing clients! I love every project I’ve been able to work on and continue to learn and develop my skills to better serve everyone that I have the pleasure of speaking with and working with. From illustrations to full branding packages, web designs, and complete home renovation projects. I love every moment that I am able to create for others, I pour my heart into each design and am invested in the success of each client. I’m all over the place but the organized chaos that is my life is absolutely wonderful.

Has it been a smooth road?
So far it’s been great! I’ve played it safe and listen to what seasoned business owners have to say and really make sure to grow at my own pace. I would say the biggest struggle is juggling mom’s life with being a business owner, especially since both already carry so many different titles within them, the balance is something that is not easy to accomplish. Some days are better than others, but the dishes can always wait.

Intricate Designs – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
From simple logo designs to full branding packages, creating variety with uniformity, I make sure that businesses stand out in the best of ways. Creating custom websites, one of a kind graphic elements, and marketing materials that set you apart from the crowd, Intricate Designs is your one-stop solution to all your graphic and web design needs.

The same can be said for interior design projects where we work together to create the perfect space that is tailor-made for you and your family. Every part of a design represents you from the layout of the furniture to the color on the walls and down to the doorknobs your space is uniquely yours and I am here to make that happen. Illustration work is completely one of a kind since it always starts on a blank page and I create original works of art for you, sometimes it’s just a Christmas card, others it’s for a published Children’s book. Whatever you need, I’m here to make it happen.

What makes me different? I believe professional design should be accessible and attainable to all and making sure I’m affordable for small businesses and individuals is key to making that happen.

I have always been inclined toward minute details and had a strong grasp of the elements of design, these aspects combined with my affinity clean aesthetics and whimsy are what Intricate Designs encompasses. Bringing visions to life is a skill that I take pride in. I love being able to take words and loose ideas and make them something tangible and the perfect expression of what a client saw in their mind or that encompassed the overall feeling for what they wanted their design to accomplish.

Creating the perfect design for a client is always exciting. From logos to websites, children’s books, event flyers, and everything in between, I love being a vital component of a client’s image and I make sure that they are starting on the right foot. I truly strive to make work that perfectly represents my clients’ visions and be something I am proud to put my name on as well. From our initial conversation, I make sure that we talk about who you are, what your business does and wants to accomplish, who your target and ideal client/audience is, and then go into detail about design elements.

I want to make sure that when you work with me you feel confident in your decision and are elated with your final designs. We work together every step of the way and I make sure your voice is heard and acknowledged throughout the design process. When you work with Intricate Designs you know you’ll be taken care of.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
Yes! There is so much growth here, and within that, there is also a wealth of support from the community and a plethora of opportunities. Even with competitors all around, there is always going to be another project starting and there will always be something for you. I have been able to find amazing support groups and networking groups to connect and grow with other entrepreneurs in my area, many of which are in my same field.

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Graphic Design

My hourly rate of $50/hr is for projects with extended deadlines and multiple rounds of revision and for edits outside of a contracted scope of work.

Flat fees are agreed upon for each new client project.

  • Design Board
  • Main Logo
  • 1 variation
  • Icon
  • Black & White versions of each element.

EPS, JPG, and PNG files 

Logo Design

  • 1 Additional variation

Additional Branding:

  • Short Form Brand Guidelines
  • Business Card Design
  • Email Signature
  • Facebook Cover Image
  • 6 Social Media Templates
  • 1 Additional Marketing Asset*

+250 Business Cards – Front and back printing, shipped to you. High quality prints with hand picked paper stock and finishes.

*excludes packaging design

Logo Design

Additional Branding

Printed Business Cards


  • Full Spec Brand Guidelines
  • 2 Additional Marketing Assets*
  • 5 Branded Images

*excludes packaging design

Business Card – $150

Email Signature – $50

Small For Print Flyer – $100

Large Format Flyer – $200

Social Media Banner – $25

Social Media Template – $25

Instagram Highlight Icons – $15 each

Social Media Post – $50

Company Letterhead – $50

Packaging Design – $200+

Podcast Cover – $75

Client Form – $100

Brochure – $250

Logo Variation – $50

Gift Certificate – $25