Dynamic Health

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Dynamic Health is Juli Culver’s therapeutic massage practice and I learned so much while creating her website. She works with children and adults and integrates different modalities in her practice.

Creating a site that was bright and clean while focusing on being informative was key in this design. The color scheme is light and airy playing off of her logo design as well as the type of care she that provides each of her clients.

We worked on creating a flyer for one of their intensives/programs. The collaborative effort of a few practitioners meant designing something eye-catching while still neutral and representative of their needs.

I also updated her client intake forms, creating letterhead and different form layouts. There are certain things that we often take for granted when visiting a business but everything we interact with visually creates a lasting impression. Being able to confidently present your company’s materials with cohesive branding and aesthetically pleasing composition is important for you and helps build a positive rapport with each of your clients.

Summary of Design Project:

  • Web Design
  • Content Management
  • Branding Products
  • Product Materials

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