Credit Care Pros

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Credit Care Professionals is the website that started it all (my first client site!). They needed something to make it official and put them on the map. They came to me with a very specific vision in mind and I was able to make it a reality. We started with some edits to their existing logo and then mapped out their web design.

A bold black and blue color scheme help emulate the strength, trust, and reliability that CCP stands for. They are a great family-owned company and I was happy to create a website that they could link to and bring in clients with. With an integrated SEO strategy specific to them, and their own social media efforts they have been able to generate new streams of revenue, and that’s the goal.

A website is an investment in your business just like a logo, it’s just another part of your branding and it all works together to create a visual presence and captivate an audience and create clients out of those viewers. With a properly designed website with dedicated on-page and active Search Engine Optimization, you should see a return on your investment.

Making sure their site is updated and functioning properly is something I do for every client even when we don’t have a maintenance plan in place, I want you to be confident that what we created isn’t going to crash and make a bad impression. We’re all about putting our best foot forward here and your online presence is of the utmost importance.

Summary of Design Project:

  • Web Design
  • Content Management
  • Logo Edit

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